Welcome to Tarlee Primary School

Our vision for our school is to lead in the field of student wellbeing, providing students within a small school setting with up-to-date best education practices and support to be the best learner that they can be.

We have a strong emphasis on the development of literacy and numeracy within a broad curriculum. We provide challenging academic programs for students from Reception to Year 6 which equip them with knowledge and skills to achieve the optimum from life in an ever-evolving society.

Our small classes give the opportunity for highly individualised attention and quality care for each student. The staff at Tarlee Primary School are passionate educators who show enthusiasm and genuine interest in each child’s development.

As a school community our values are Kindness, Teamwork and Equity. We ensure that these values are at the heart of our learning environments and experiences.

We nurture the talents and interests of each child. Each individual is encouraged to attain the best they can in becoming Life Long Learners.




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