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Welcome to Tarlee Primary School

At Tarlee Primary School we have a focus on wellbeing to support learners meet their goals and outcomes from the curriculum. Staff work together to program for individual learning plans, supporting students develop goals for learning and whole class programs.

Support staff work closely with teachers to provide adequate intervention both inside and outside of the classroom. Students who are working towards targets are well supported by both the classroom teacher and SSO’s.

We are part of the Lower Mid North B-12 Local Education Partnership. Working together with other sites, we develop and teach partnership supported initiatives to provide a high standard of education to all students. This year, Tarlee Primary School has had a focus on literacy development, in particular, reading development.

As the Principal of Tarlee Primary School, I promote collaborative teacher planning to ensure all students are well catered for.

The core business of a school leader, is to create a learning environment that has a balance of safe conditions for learning and rigorous intellectual challenge to enable all learners to achieve their optimum.

I am passionate about improving the opportunities for all learners and creating an environment where everyone is willing and able to achieve.

Kind Regards,

Kristy Cannon
Principal, Tarlee Primary School

Tarlee Primary School History

Tarlee Primary School was first established in1870 under licence from the Riverton council and set up in the Baptist Church across the road from the current school site. The community worked together to fund the building of a purpose built school building on land donated for the purpose. This was completed in 1875.

The current Tarlee Primary School was opened in 1875, and is situated on Craig St, on the north eastern side of the town. Over the ensuing years the school has nearly become enclosed by the township.

There is a diverse range of family, social backgrounds and lifestyles within the Tarlee community and school population; which has changed significantly over the years and continues to evolve.

The school’s role is to respond positively and proactively to these with an emphasis on best interests and wishes of the whole school community. Tarlee Primary School students and their families mainly live within the town, within a short distance of the local township, on surrounding properties.

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